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St Brendan's Old Boys - Committee Announcement

St Brendan's Old Boys - Committee Announcement

Michael Power18 Jul 2023 - 14:28
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St Brendan's Old Boys announces new committee following from our AGM - 14th July 2023.

St Brendan’s Old Boys RFC first started in 1929, with players from St. Brendan’s college meeting once a week and starting what was to become a strong rugby community within Bristol. With a colourful and decorated history, St Brendan’s RFC was a force to be reckoned with, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s, winning the coveted Bristol Combination Cup several times and boasting a rich history in producing several club and international players.

The Club Committee for St Brendan’s RFC is elected yearly by a vote of the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Chris Groves has led St Brendan's for the last 21 years. In his role as Club Chairman, he has built an incredible foundation for the club and has had an incredible team of people to help him achieve his goals.

As part of Chris's team, Richard Kolanko has been part of the club for over 30 years and as Club Secretary, he has taken the club from it's early days to a 450+ strong membership today.

Andy Nelson has held the position as Vice Chairman of the club for a number of years supporting Chris and the club. Thank you Andy for your support.

Ray Merchant has been a key member of the club for many years and held a number of key positions including Vice President. Thank you Ray for your support.

Richard Duckworth has also stepped down as Safeguarding Officer for the club. Richard has done an incredible job for the club for many years in ensuring the Health & Safety and Safeguarding within our club, thank you Richard for your support.

Chris and Andy have stepped down from their official roles and Richard is transitioning away from the secretary role over the coming months. We can't thank them enough for their time, support, blood, sweat and tears. The club wouldn't be what it is today without any of them.

The newly elected officers of the club are outlined below:

  • Club President - Mike Rafter
  • Vice President - Felipe Contepomi
  • Club Chairman - Mike Power
  • Club Vice Chairman - TBC
  • Club Secretary - Andrew McKelvey (in transition from Richard Kolanko)
  • M&J Coordinator - Rich Ellis
  • Treasurer - Stephen Power
  • Safeguarding - Cathy Dodsworth
  • RugbySafe - Cathy Dodsworth
  • Club Captain - Matt Bohr
  • Coach Coordinator - Alex Kealy
  • Referee Coordinator - Andy Akerman
  • Fixtures - Matt Bohr (Seniors) / Sam Hawke (M&J)

Project Board - Chris Groves / Charles Van Der Lande / Adrian Adams / Simon Hughes.

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