Brendans 2XV vs Saint Elizabethans!

Brendans 2XV vs Saint Elizabethans!

By Oliver Hale
16th September 2018
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The words of Kevin McGarry

The Mighties had a great game yesterday, with a final score of 43-0 against a robust St Mary’s 3xv bolstered by 5 Old Es.

Unfortunately, Tom Hookey suffered a concussion so will be following that protocol, so a big hearts out to Tom and his missus.

Everyone had a great game, there was not one poor performer.

After holding Mary’s at bay for the first 25 mins, Steff Gareth opened our score line with a searing 20m run to put down for a characterful individual try, 5 to the good, Nelly converts to 7.

Three mins later Cavey smashes through their defence and selflessly offloads to Luke Campioni to score a well finished try. Twelve to the good, no conversion. Final play of first half, the Rhino, Greg Turner barges through with a cracking run for a try which Nelly converts so we are 19 - 0 at half time.

Second half and ten mins in Joe Conway receives from a penalty and swerves his way through Mary’s for a superbly crafted try, 24 -0 to the good.

Another 5 mins gone and Jordan Smith puts in a great run through the Mary’s sprawling defence then offloads to Steff Gareth, who receives at speed from a good angle to score his second try which Nelly converts to bring us 31-0 to the good.

Mary’s have kept up a good defence but again 5 mins pass and Alex Barwani-Rai receives a high ball deep into our defence but runs, zig-zags through Marys to score an impressive individual try, which Nelly converts to bring us 38-0 to the good.

Final flurry of the game sees Ben Hudson split the Mary’s defence from our try line then just over halfway he bullets a pass to Jordan Smith who eats up the rest of the pitch to score our final try and leave us with a resounding 43-0 victory over a forlorn Mary’s side.

The above does not include any great detail but credits go to Jordan Sweet for a magnificent game in the melee of the game and Steff Gareth for his inventiveness in the backs.
But everyone had a great game.

Many thanks to Stirzy from Old Es for hosting the game, to the opposition for playing so vigorously, to the ref Phil Cheek and to those supporters who came along to watch this feast of tries.

All the best Kev

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