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1. Minis & Juniors

The club requires all players to be registered at all times (Club and RFU), even if you are a new player, this can be completed by following the guide below:

We request that all Parents and Carers of players also register with the club independently of their children.

If you are a new player trying out the club for the first time, please do not feel under any pressure to pay the fees before the beginning of the season, you will normally know if our club is the right choice for you - and if rugby is the sport you want to partake in within a few weeks of the beginning of the season or when you join.

ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE REGISTERED WITH THE RFU, please download and fill out the form and hand it completed to your head coach - players not registered with the RFU cannot play until completed and confirmed.

Note to coaches: The completed form needs to be handed to Ian Rupprecht or Mike Power - Club Registration Secretarys (Mini's & Juniors)

Your Coach or Team Admin will indicate to you when you need to provide payment and the fees required on joining.

Please follow the guidance prepared here to help you register for membership

St. Brendan’s use the Pitchero payment service known as GoCardless to enable the club to gather registration fees from all its registered players. This is by far the most efficient way for us to take registrations: NOTE This is a single transaction Direct Debit payment - and will only be taken from your account once. We will still however continue to allow parents and carers to pay for registration via a banker’s cheque addressed to the club ‘St. Brendan’s Old Boys RFC’ this can be given to your coach who will pass it on to the club registrar (but remember to put your child’s name on the back!).

Please follow the guidance prepared here to help you purchase membership

Link to payment page here


RFU young player registration form


SBOBRFC Pitchero Registration Steps v4


SBOBRFC Product Purchase Membership Steps v4