200 Club

A great way to support your club and to win one of three prizes every month!

Here's how it works: You sign a Standing Order for £4.33 per month (just £1 a week) and you are allocated a number in the prize draw. Each month, three prizes are awarded, based on 50% of the total payments. The other 50% goes to club funds.

At present, the prizes are £75, £35 and £20 - these will rise as we get more members.

Click here to download a copy of the 200 Club form (this is a Standing Order form, to be returned to me directly, or to me via a coach or Committee member).

Please do not return the form to your bank, as I need to fill in the reference number and the last few digits of the club's account number.

You are not committed, and you can cancel at any time (but then you won't win any more prizes!!!!)

Many thanks for your support.

Frank Probert