An interview with... Joe Batley

An interview with... Joe Batley

By Matt Nelson
24 February
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We caught up with Bristol Bears second row and St Brendans Seniors coach Joe Batley

1. How are you finding life in Bristol so far?
JB: I’m enjoying it, it’s a cool city with plenty going on.

2. How did you get involved with coaching at St Brendan's?
JB: Perko (Former Bristol Bears winger George Perkins) asked if I fancied coaching a local side with him then after my first session with a bunch of legends I haven’t looked back.

3. Do you aspire to go in to professional coaching when you've finished playing?
JB: It’s would be a nice option in the future however my aim is to become a Director of Rugby at a school or try and become a full time academy coach as development within coaching is something I’m passionate about.

4. Who is the biggest wasted talent at St Brendan's?
JB: Tom Miles such a big bloke, decent boot and understanding of the game, undoubtedly talented.

5. If you could dump tackle any member of the squad, who would you choose?
JB: Johnson is probably the easy answer, however would be interesting to see what noises and other things would come out of Joe Rodgers.

6. If you had to select one Brendan's player to start in a Premiership match, who would you choose and why?
JB: Iain, gives 100% and one of the players you are glad to have on your team.

7. If you could sign one player for Bristol, who would you choose?
JB: Crowley, very committed and passionate, top bloke and wouldn’t mind seeing his little face everyday

8. What are your goals for the next couple of years?
JB: In the next couple of years for my personal goal would be to become a regular starting second row for Bristol bears and sign on again with the club.

9. How do you see the current St Brendan’s team developing over the next couple of years?
JB: Skill set has improved as has game knowledge so with this continuous improvements along with physical and emotional investments from the players the sky is the limit.

10. Given your experiences over the last 18 months, has your outlook on rugby changed at all?
JB: My outlook on rugby the game hasn’t change. It always will be the game I love as a player and a fan itself however, my outlook on the community and “rugby family” has changed. The sheer amount of love and support I received and still receive shows the core values of the sport and confirms the reason why I choice to devote everything to become a professional was the right one.

11. And if you could sign an international player to Bristol, who would it be?
JB: Tough question a lot of brilliant players about in the premiership and overseas. However if offered Beauden Barrett it will be hard to say no.

To be continued...

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